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FinKote?
  • FinKote is an 8th generation E-Coat system designed for coils in extreme environments and advanced HVAC corrosion protection. Finkote's complete protection makes it the best choice for general coil protection as well. Finkote has high edge build for improved life and high flexibility for bending and improved handling. Finkote offers extreme corrosion protection like no other coating.

ZPex?
  • ZPEX is a revolutionary new coating system from Metal Processing International. Unlike other single-component coatings in the oil and gas industry, ZPEX has been designed as a system of interdependent coatings working in concert to provide the ultimate protection in extreme environments. ZPEX is the first holistic coating system designed specifically to exceed the needs of today's petroleum industry.

Quality Capabilities?
  • QMS ISO 9001:2008 •  PPAPs •  24/7 inspections •  SPC control •  Six Sigma •  and more!

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